Birch and (Local) Honey Infused Water

So unless you still wear crushed velvet and refuse to recycle, you already know that the benefits of drinking infused water are limitless (and even better the longer you brew it).  Fruit infused water combinations provide you with a rehydrating detox blend of a myriad of nutrients that leach out of a cut fruit/vegetables/etc, along with the water iself.  As a bonus, it is delicious and the perfect trendy drink to serve at any party.  I absolutely adore infused water (and I have become a bona fide scientist when it comes to creating unique combinations).  As such, in honor of the Canadian lake-bound woods, today I am sharing this rustic birch and honey infused water recipe.  In contrast to the vitamin-rich fruit infused waters that you can create, this one is higher in minerals.

birch and honey infused water

A couple of things to mention before I delve deeper...I only use live birch for this water (as I trust it is free of pesticides), but I don't really like the idea of peeling birch trees.  So I need to be honest about my guilt on this end, and stress that you only need a few "peelings" to create the infusion.  Birch bark is inherently fiber-filled and has an earthy, "dirt-like" taste to it.  This taste is in part due to the bark's ability to store minerals, such as zinc and selenium - which then leach in to your infused water and contribute to its overall nutrition level.

It is imperative that you clean your bark well...but you really only need water and a scrub brush.  You are just trying to get rid of the superficial stuff and allow the minerals and "flavour" to leach out.

The taste of honey is so gentle, that it really shines next to the earthiness of the birch....the combination is subtle and very woodsy.  Of course, I encourage the use of local the bees, please.

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Birch and Honey Infused Water

3-4 peelings of birch bark - well cleaned

1 tbsp of honey (or more)

a large jug


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Place birch bark and honey in to your jug and fill with water.  Refrigerate, and allow to brew for at least 4 hours.  Fill yor personalized water bottle and enjoy your walk through the woods!

personalized water bottle