Care Instructions

Care instructions for our handmade mugs, tumblers, swigs and water bottles:

The following are dishwasher and microwave safe:

15 oz. milk mug ceramic

10 oz. milk mug ceramic

10 oz. classic simple mug ceramic


The following are dishwasher safe, NOT microwave safe:

10 oz. enamel mug


The following are Handwash only, NOT microwave safe:

17 oz. tumbler

17 oz. water bottle

12 oz. swig wine glass


As these are all handmade, we suggest handwash inside only as a preference.  Please note that once your vessel is in your hands, we cannot account for how you have treated it, hence, we cannot be held responsible for damage from your washing/handling techniques.

Has something arrived damaged/broken?  Please let us know within 24 hours of its arrival.  Provide a photo of the damage, and we will re-create and re-ship a replacement asap.