A few details about our lovelies

Our luxury mugs, tumblers, swigs and water bottles:

Each mug/tumbler/water bottle is sublimated with your custom design as pictured but with your personal information, one piece at a time.  This means that we toil and perfect each piece so that it is as special as you are.  Our designs are unique to inkt and co...and each can be customized as per your request.  All designs have a unique black and sepia tone to them...giving them a rustic, vintage feel.

Care instructions for our handmade mugs, tumblers, swigs and water bottles:

The following are dishwasher and microwave safe:

15 oz. milk mug ceramic

10 oz. milk mug ceramic

10 oz. classic simple mug ceramic


The following are dishwasher safe, NOT microwave safe:

10 oz. enamel mug


The following are Handwash only, NOT microwave safe:

17 oz. tumbler

17 oz. water bottle

12 oz. swig wine glass


As these are all handmade, we suggest handwash inside only as a preference.  Please note that once your vessel is in your hands, we cannot account for how you have treated it, hence, we cannot be held responsible for damage from your washing/handling techniques.

Has something arrived damaged/broken?  Please let us know within 24 hours of its arrival.  Provide a photo of the damage, and we will re-create and re-ship a replacement asap.

Our spa products:

Our spa products (bath bombs, candles, soap and lip balms) are small batch, specialty creations that add to your luxury gift basket.  Because these are handmade in small batches, they are pure, natural and special.

Each 2 oz hand poured candle in glass is made from soy and plant based oils and has an 18 hour burn time.  Seasonal scents include:

Jasmine and Sandalwood
Coconut Lime
Spiced pear
Lemongrass and Ginger
Rose and Gardenia
Raspberry Mimosa
Lavender Orange
Rose and Freesia
Vanilla cookie dough
Orange chai latte
Cinnamon maple cake
Moss and cotton

Each is handmade in Canada primarily with citric acid and baking soda (100% organic) and is approx. 5 oz. (the size of a tennis ball). Will arrive in shrink wrap. Seasonal scents include:

inkt and co

Lavender: a lovely relaxing lavender scent with dried lavender to accent
Hangover cure: a mix of sage, cedar wood, peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender...perfect for the day after a big night!
Black tie affair: cedar wood, tangerine and lemongrass make this bomb a bit classy
Mermaid: coconut, beach and sea air...mmmm
Bellini: a mix of champagne and peach...perfect for brunch

LIP BALM: Made with a unique mix of oils, beeswax, soy wax, candelilla wax and flavor oils, each 0.15 oz. lip balm has a label with typewriter print.   Seasonal scents include:

Espresso: morning coffee...strong.
Gin and tonic: a mix of juniper berries, gin and tonic. An afternoon cocktail for the lips.
Vanilla bourbon: bourbon flavor and vanilla make this a sweet and spicy balm.
Whiskey and ginger: a hint of whiskey along with gingerale...the perfect evening drink.
Lemon rosemary
Cotton Candy mint champagne
Lavender Cupcake
Honey glaze

SOAP: Cold process soap made with a blend of olive, coconut and avocado oils. Approximately 4.5 oz (full bar). Is the scent not strong enough? Run under water and create a lather to experience a fresh wave of scent :)   Seasonal scents inlcude:

Cedar and clay: cedar scent mixed with french green clay
Mud spa: this charcoal tinted soap is made with dead sea mineral mud...perfect for your at-home spa treatment
Citrus IPA: a mix of beer, lemon, lime and grapefruit
French press: made with brewed coffee and grounds to exfoliate
Rosemary lemon: rosemary and lemon are blended with poppy seeds for natural exfoliant
Salt and lemongrass: a mix of himalayan salt and lemongrass
Vanilla latte: a sweet mix of vanilla and coffee with a hint of cinnamon

BATH SALTS:  Created in small batches, our bath salts are a mix of epsom and rock salts, baking soda, specialty ingredients.  Packaged in glass tubes, these 1 oz. blends can be sprinkled in to your bath.  Seasonal flavors include:

Activated charcoal
Activated turmeric
Roasted coffee

****All candles, lip balms, bath bombs, bath salts and soap are produced in small batches to maintain their specialty status.  As such, each scent may not be available at all times.  To maximize the speed of processing, we will choose bestselling scents/flavors on your behalf.

***Your lovelies will arrive with packaging for protection.  As such they may require some unpacking for gift readiness!