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About us inkt and co


Located in the country in Moonstone, ON in Canada, we started this business in our kitchen with the intention of creating something that is personal and unique in every way.  We poured a glass of wine, experimented with ideas, graphics and vessels.  Then we tested each item with real people, real drinks, sticky fingers (mostly from our children) and adventures.

You can still find us in our kitchen sometimes...but we love to explore wineries, coffee shops, parties and local events to see our fashion-forward vessels in the real world. 

We pride ourselves on using the best materials to create a luxury, memorable gifting moment.  Completely unique, we offer one-of-a-kind gift adventures with small batch specialty items that we know you will love.

There is always more to one's story...we invite you to check back often to see what we have created;  hope you will be a part of this adventure.


Bryan and Cathy

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Phone: 613.453.2752